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When a corporate scandal occurs, it is becoming customary for a company to set up an independent, neutral, and professional third-party investigation committee to analyze the facts and causes of the scandal in order to regain the trust of stakeholders, and to take steps to prevent a recurrence based on the findings.


Investigations of scandals are carried out by various methods, such as interviewing people under investigation, reviewing and verifying books, digital forensic investigations and etc.


However, since these investigations are usually carried out in an extremely short period of time due to the relationship with the closing of accounts and audits, flexible thinking and flexible responses by investigative assistants are required.

We are able to support your investigation based on our extensive research knowledge.

Digital Forensic

Digital forensics is a technology that analyzes electronic records left on computers and external recording media (HDD, USB memory, etc.) to extract, collect, and analyze evidence related to the event. The extracted digital data is then reviewed by experts and used as an opportunity to uncover evidence of wrongdoing, if not direct evidence.

In recent years, digital forensics has become indispensable in the investigation of corporate scandals, but when reviewing digital data, a high level of thinking is required in order to correctly understand the content of the scandal and to conduct the review with an awareness of the triangle of fraud (motive, opportunity, and justification).


We can support you from the selection of research keywords to the overall management of digital forensics based on our extensive knowledge.


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