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Financial/Tax Due Diligence

Due diligence refers to conducting an analysis of the company or business targeted before acquisition in order to prevent various risks after the acquisition and to prevent the acquirer from suffering losses.

We could conduct due diligence mainly in terms of finance and tax to support decision-making for investment when it comes to business acquisitions and business integration.

For due diligence, it is required to have advanced expertise and real time response considering the influence on your investment decision making and the stock valuation of the target company.

Itseki Group would provide the support by CPAs with expertise who have experienced with due diligence in various M&A deals. As there are many experienced members in M&A practice, we could provide the support along with your acquisition schedule.

Stock Valuation Report

We calculate enterprise value and business value to determine the purchase price. Upon your request, we will analyze the business plans that are essential for stock valuation.

Itseki is able to provide an independent fairness opinion to settle the conflict of interests between the Buyer and the Seller.

Post Merger Integration ("PMI") Support

After M&A, it is necessary to integrate different business operations (business procedures and regulations), accounting policies and etc. at each company. We provide a full range of PMI advisory services, i.e. sorting out issues in integrating business operations and accounting policies, on-site support to implement the new process and rules.

In order to maximize synergies of M&A, the key factors would be the proper integration of various business processes and accounting policies. After the organizational restructuring, inefficiency often occurs due to the conflicts among team members. We could play a role as a bridge in order to fasten up the first phase of reorganization.

With the integration of various business processes and accounting policies after M&A, our experienced CPAs will assist you for further growth.

Cross-border Transaction Support

Our CPA who has experienced many cross-border M&A transactions will provide the knowledge based advisory for middle-size cross-border M&A.​

Our Strength:

  • We are able to conduct M&A services, including due diligence and stock valuation, in either Japanese, English or Korean. Our reporting will be in these languages depending on your request.

  • We also collaborate with GGI members for any cross-border transaction.

  • By having us in the team, we will be the hub of the cross-border projects.

M&A Service

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