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On-site Visit Support

We provide negotiation support for cross-border mergers and acquisitions and business deal negotiations.

In addition, due to cultural differences in the target country, we can bring in a member firm of our Global Network (GGI) as part of the negotiating team and have them be present at the site for more effective negotiations.



Support Flow

  1. Negotiation strategy planning

  2. Preparing negotiating materials

  3. Initiating initial negotiations in the local country

  4. Preparing a contract (term sheet)

  5. Negotiations begin in earnest in the local country

  6. Initiating negotiations on a contractual basis

  7. Finalize contract

  8. Conclusion of a contract

India Business Expansion Support

Through our group company, Itseki Mercurius India Advisory Service (Delhi), we support your entry into India.


  1. Support for the establishment of a corporation

  2. BPO Services

  3. Business Development Support

  4. Accounting and tax support

  5. M&A Services (Finance and Tax DD)

International Tax Advisory Services

We provide tax consultations for overseas transactions (import and export, etc.) and transactions with overseas affiliates (internal transactions, management fees, dividends, loans, secondment, etc.) that occur in the course of daily business. We also provide tax compliance services for these transaction.


When dealing with foreign companies, it is necessary to understand not only the tax system in Japan but also the local tax system. In addition, transactions with foreign companies tend to be complicated, as there are several issues to consider with regard to the domestic tax system.


Itseki Group is able to provide up-to-date information on local taxation in a speedy manner by collaborating with offices in 123 countries overseas. In addition, our certified public accountants and tax accountants with expertise in international taxation with experience at BIG 4, can assist you with your international tax problems.

Secretary Service

If you are establishing a Japanese corporation or want to focus on sales during the start-up period, your back office is often overstretched. Also, hiring a part-time worker or employee for the back office can be costly to manage.


Itseki will take care of such cases comprehensively by undertaking the entire back office.



Specifically, we are undertaking the following tasks, for example


  1. Bank transfers, including salaries.

  2. Correspondence to mailings

  3. Tax management

  4. Cash management

Parent Company Reporting Services

The parent company needs to understand the situation of the subsidiary properly, but it may be difficult for the foreign parent company to understand Japanese accounting and taxation.

This is because it is necessary to give technical explanations, such as Japanese accounting and taxation, in English, and in order to do so, it is necessary to use technical terms in English in order to explain this in English as well as a deep knowledge of accounting and taxation.


Only accountants and tax accountants who are well versed in IFRS and international taxation can translate these terms into accounting and taxation terms that are commonly used around the world and explain them to you.

In Itseki, bilingual accountants and tax accountants provide support for parent company reporting, so it is possible to avoid the cost of micromanagement for both the parent company and its subsidiaries by providing clear explanations to the parent company.

Foreign Subsidiary Management Services

When a Japanese company establishes a foreign subsidiary, it is important to manage the fraud and compliance status of it.

Even in cases where expatriates are seconded, if the overseas subsidiary does not have an adequate management system and controls, it may become a hotbed of fraud.


In collaboration with our global network of partner offices, and in some cases, by actually going to the site and implementing the agreed-upon procedures, Itseki will report on the actual situation of our overseas subsidiaries.


By having an accountant who is skilled in accounting audits and internal control, we can properly understand the actual situation of your overseas subsidiaries.

International Service

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